Conference objectives

ALUMINIUM and NON-FERROUS METALS 2022 allow the exchange and presentation of knowledge in solving production problems related to the processing of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, acquaint participants with the introduction of new materials and technologies, unconventional non-ferrous materials, powder metallurgy and composite materials etc.

We also bring information on the development and research, methodologies and techniques in the field of metallography and testing of materials, an overview of research and development in the area and allow presentations of companies offering devices, products and preparations related to the production and use of non-ferrous metals.

Newly, the conference will present a section dealing with surface treatment of aluminium materials, specifically the topic of new trends in nano and micro coating of aluminium alloys.

The main objectives of the conference ALUMINIUM and NON-FERROUS METALS 2022 are to provide a global overview of the current situation in the following areas:

  • metallography and fractography, properties, testing and structural analysis of non-ferrous metals,
  • nano and micro coatings of Al alloys,
  • aluminium in transport - new trends, new aluminium materials and technologies,
  • melting, casting and crystallization, forming, heat treatment of non-ferrous alloys,
  • cutting and joining of materials of non-ferrous metals,
  • corrosion and surface protection by non-ferrous metals,
  • powder metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, composites, intermetallics,
  • new trends and opportunities in the use of non-ferrous metals,
  • the use of CAx technologies in the production of products of non-ferrous metals and its alloys.

Accompanying Events

  • exhibition and presentation of companies
  • competition "The best colour and B&W photography structures of non-ferrous metals"
  • competition for the best Ph.D. presentation
  • social event - bowling tournament (team competition)
  • walking trip to Wallenstein Castle

Conference Language and Publication

Conference languages are Czech, Slovak and English.

Entries must be delivered in the language: English (GB English) for publication in the journal Manufacturing Technology, which is ranked in the world's citation database Scopus (SCOPUS, ISSN: 1213-2489).