Castle Hotel Hrubá Skála

Accommodation will be booked (reserved) on the basis of a obligatory application and requirements at the conference venue.

Each participant will pay for the accommodation themselves on the spot at the hotel reception.

More information about accommodation and the hotel

* due to the capacity of the Hrubá Skála hotel, it is possible that some participants will be accommodated in the Štekl hotel in the immediate vicinity of the Hrubá Skála hotel. Specific participants will be informed about this.

Accommodation prices

  • Single room or double room occupied by one person
    2,200 CZK/person night including breakfast
  • Accommodation in a 2-bed room per person (when occupied by two persons)
    2,200 CZK/person night including breakfast
    (2,700 CZK for 2 persons)
  • Accommodation in a 3-bed room per person
    1,033 CZK/person night including breakfast
    (3,100 CZK for 3 persons)
  • Accommodation in a 4-bed room per person
    900 CZK/person night including breakfast
    (CZK 3,600 for 4 persons)

Hrubá Skála

Basic information

Accommodation is paid by each participant individually and it is done after arrival at the point of the conference. The Organizing Committee will only provide accommodation reservation.

Zámecký hotel Hrubá Skála
Hrubá Skála 1
511 01
tel.: +420 604 317 618